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MONTAGE: The Bathrooms are coming

Reihe mit Andreas Vogel und Michael Piltz | Salon

Industrial Musicals – ein vergessenes Genre wird wiederentdeckt

Ein Abend nicht nur für Throbbing-Gristle-Fans, da es nicht um Industrial Music sondern um das wiederentdeckte Genre des Industrial Musicals geht:

»Back in the days of three-martini lunches, big corporations presented eye-poppingly lavish, peppy musicals to introduce their new products and fire up their distributors and salesmen. The budget for one of these industrial musicals could be bigger than the cost of a Broadway show. Onstage were skilled performers, some of them poached from Broadway. In the audience were pumped-up employees who knew loyalty and hard work would be returned with a 40- or 50-year career with the same company. Rah-rah lyrics, gorgeous production values — and maybe a few martinis, too — got the besuited warriors pumped up to go out and sell toilets, batteries, Studebakers.« (Maureen O`Donnell, Chicago Sun Times)

Ein Abend zum Thema, mit Musikbeispielen und Filmausschnitten von bizarrer Schönheit, seltsamen Texten – ein Blick in ein fast vergessenes Paralleluniversum des us-amerikanischen Musicals des 20.Jahrhunderts – Fordismus, Konsumerismus, Schmontius.

„My Bathroom Is A Special Kind Of Place“

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20.05.19 21:00
MONTAGE: The Bathrooms are coming Atelier

Salon mit Andreas Vogel und Michael Piltz