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Montagereihe: The Psychedelic Sound Of San Francisco

Salon mit Andreas Vogel und Michael Piltz

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„(…) By the mid-1960s the focus shifted to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, which became a haven for the new hippies who were seeking the meaning of life, acid, and the counterculture. The psychedelic experience inspired a lot of improvisational music, or jamming, that gave rock an entirely new dimension for expression. The lyrics drifted to new subjects beyond boy-meets-girl and fast-car, tending more to absurd descriptions of the inward journey of the mind, or the counterculture lifestyle. Psychedelic experiences suggested more use of feedback and distortion, more sound effects, and in some cases more and in others less orchestration. Some bands were committed to the lifestyle as well as to playing while stoned. All bands were challenged by this new mood of innovation.“ (

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10.12.18 21:00
Montagereihe: The Psychedelic Sound Of San Francisco Atelier

mit Andreas Vogel und Michael Piltz | Salon


Andreas Vogel
Michael Piltz