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We are connected

Talk & discussion with Condô Cultural & Lamparina (São Paulo) 

Our guests from São Paulo will talk about strategies of communication, art and activism to address social issues and climate change and what we can learn from that. We also want to discuss the idea of a working group for investigating the not so obvious connection between Brazil and Germany.

What about starting a common campaign? „WE ARE CONNECTED / WIR SIND VERBUNDEN / ESTAMOS CONECTADOS“ with the objective to find creative decolonial ways of collaborating, listening to diverse voices.

Everybody welcome!

Free entry, 7 – 10 p.m.

We serve water, please bring your own drinks.

Vergangene Vorstellungen
09.05.23 19:00
We are connected Probebühne

Talk & discussion with Condô Cultural & Lamparina (São Paulo)